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We offer complete estate planning, probate and trust services to help our clients:

  • Distribute an estate in accordance with their wishes, effectively and efficiently
  • Mitigate risk and minimize exposure to estate taxes and probate costs
  • Properly administer a trust upon the death or incapacity of the creator
  • Probate the estate of the person who has passed away
  • Settle disputes, including will contests and trust disputes
  • Hold responsible trustees who fail to properly administer a trust
  • Designate a loved one or other trusted individual to act for another in the event of incapacity
  • Define individual wishes regarding life-sustaining medical care

Do you have a small or large estate?

Estate planning is for everyone, not just the rich. If you have a home, real estate or personal property that you want to give to your loved ones at the time of your passing, a valid trust, will and related documents are necessary to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes. Key to doing this is to plan it in such away that you minimize attorney’s fees, estate taxes and other costs of administration. In saying that, if you do have a large estate, proactive planning is essential. Why work hard your entire life taking the risk of losing it to creditors, attorneys or to the government. Our firm offers sophisticated asset protection planning services to protect your interest.

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